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The Announcement of Nissan Trading (NITCO) Group’s Organization Restructure

We now announce that the current Nissan Trading (NITCO)will be reassessed in each function of group on April 1st 2015. This management structural reform is set because it enables the NITCO group, as the “REAL global corporation”, to provide our attractive service to world-wide customers and attain the further growth toward the future.

In response to the Nissan Motor’s global development, our business has dramatically expanded in global terms. Our aim through this management structural reform is to search for more attractive proposals to support our customer’s business development.

<POINTS of NITCO organization restructure>

  • Nissan Trading will function as the Global Headquarter and facilitate improved control over our global management as the Group leader. This will include overseas subsidiaries.
  • NITCO Business Solutions (NT-BS) will change their company name to Nissan Trading Japan effective on April 1st 2015 , integrating the Japan business NITCO has taken the center role in together with the existing NT-BS Japan operations.

Meanwhile, NITCO will continue to be the business counterparty without any relation change in sales and purchase contract even after the management structural reform.

This organization restructure will create more solid business -base in Japan, we will ensure a global future growth of NITCO group. We hope you will expect more from us in the future, and we highly appreciate your continued support as well as corporation.

Closing of the Web site of NT-BS(NITCO Business Solutions Co., Ltd.);

We closed the Web site of NT-BS(NITCO Business Solutions Co., Ltd.) along with organization restructure.
We are deeply thank you , and please be kindly informed that we continue to provide the service at this site.

For any questions with regard to NITCO Group's organization restructure or new organization effective on April 1, 2015;

Please contact us at the following;

Nissan Trading Co., Ltd. Global Business Administration Division