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Automotive Components Business

The more the global sourcing of automotive components progresses, the more important the logistics efficiency becomes. Since the company was established in 1978, we have been handling a lot of cases in import and export of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and its part suppliers purchasing components from overseas.

As we have acquired the expertise and know-how on global trade and logistics such as import to Japan, export abroad and trade between foreign countries of automotive components for trial, mass production and after-sales market, we are now providing both Nissan Group and the customers beyond the group with value-added SCM services with the maximum efficiency and with the most appropriate cost.

Our branches and affiliated companies spread worldwide have warehouses which store inventory of auto parts in order to drastically shorten the lead-time of logistics, as if the foreign parts were purchased domestically, and they have solutions that will fit customer' various needs including emergency orders by utilizing their production control system and know-how as to how to supply the vehicle production lines with the minimum inventory.