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Material Business

In light of societal needs such as environmental protection through improved fuel efficiency, manufacturing technologies for automobiles have been making further advances, which require more diverse materials. As we respond to these changing needs, we have continued to increase the types of materials that we handle across a range of fields: steel products, nonferrous metals, chemicals, raw materials, and fuels.

Given the global spread of Nissan Motor’s manufacturing sites, there is currently a growing need for global procurement of materials. In addition to the knowledge of logistics, knowledge of automotive production and material technologies is now indispensable for the successful worldwide rollout of an optimized supply chain.

We strive to provide a globally optimized supply chain by leveraging our global network and extensive trading knowhow, in addition to our abundant network of logistics and deep knowledge of trade, automotive production management, and material technologies.

We are continually evolving ourselves by making the best use of the knowledge we have accumulated over many years in response to the ever expanding global production reach of Nissan Motor, evolving car manufacturing processes and meeting increasingly advanced needs of our customers.