Products and Services

Vehicles Business

The Vehicles Group began its operation in 1978 with the purpose of supporting Nissan Motor’s export businesses. Based on our unique experience and expertise, we are now providing solution to the vehicles demand of the United Nations. At the same time, we are taking care of marketing and sales to certain individual countries in Asia, Oceania and Africa. For all these customers, our service is not limited to just selling cars, but providing marketing, logistic and financial solution as well.

Our function is unique but established as an integral part of Nissan Motor’s overseas operation.

Direct Sales to Customers

We are the only direct contact point in Nissan Group to the international aid and relief organizations such as the United Nations, its agencies, and its programs. International organizations, governmental organizations, NGOs, JICA, and diplomats are also our esteemed customers

For further details, please visit our direct sales website, designed exclusively for UN/GO/NGO/Expatriates.

Sales to Nissan Official Distributors

As a part of Nissan’s Marketing and Sales Division for General Overseas Market, we have taken on the responsibilities of marketing, production control and logistics for certain individual countries in Asia, Oceania and Africa.

Importing Prototype Vehicles and R&D Vehicles

We import prototype vehicles from Nissan’s production plants and R&D centers outside Japan for Nissan’s global R&D center. We also play the same role for importing vehicles of various brands for R&D purpose.

Exporting Vehicles from Nissan’s Global Production Sites

Our branches outside Japan, such as the Netherlands, the US, or Thailand are also taking the role of exporting brand new vehicles from Nissan’s production sites worldwide.